If you were seriously injured in an auto collision, do you know what insurance benefits you’d be entitled to?

If you are seriously injured in an auto collision, your accident benefits (AB) coverage pays for rehabilitation treatment, income replacement and other benefits to help you recover.

This coverage also provides funeral expenses and payments to your survivors if you are killed in an auto collision. Sometimes referred to as “Section B” or “no-fault” benefits, they are paid by your insurer regardless of who caused the collision.

Depending on the type of injury and which province you live in, your AB coverage may include visits to a chiropractor, physical therapist, psychologist, speech or occupational therapist, and/or massage therapist, and a number of other rehabilitation providers.

In addition, AB coverage often pays for crutches, wheelchairs and other assistive devices, and may even cover improvements to your home or car to help you deal with a permanent disability.

This type of coverage is mandatory in every province, except Newfoundland and Labrador.

For more details on AB coverage in Ontario, please refer to IBC’s Accident Benefits Coverage in Ontario brochure on the Resources page.

Speak with your insurance provider to find out more about the AB benefits coverage in your policy.