WELCOME to Scruples Town!

Scruples Town is populated by all kinds of critters... honest critters like our frog... innocent, unsuspecting critters like our rabbit and turtle... and tricky critters like the snake and skunk who like to work the system in Scruples Town to their advantage. Those tricky fraudsters don't seem to care that all the other critters in town end up paying for their unscrupulous ways.

If it sounds a bit like your neighbourhood, don't be surprised. You meet the same characters everywhere you go. There are honest helpful neighbours... innocent, unsuspecting neighbours who can get drawn into a scam if they're not careful... and neighbours who always manage to get more than they paid for, even if they have to break a few rules to get it – like committing insurance fraud.

So what kind of critter, or neighbour are you? Find out by taking the Scruples Challenge! Let's go!